Do Home Businesses Really Work?

The main questions people have when looking to go into employment for themselves are:

1. Do home businesses actually work? (In other words will they work for me?)
2. Are there scams, and if so, what should I look out for?
3. How long will it take for me to make real money?!

There may be one or two others which we could throw in there but for now let’s just stick with these 3.

OK so firstly, do Home Businesses really work?

Providing that you have done your research and opted into a business that actually has a solid, working compensation plan, then yes, absolutely they do!

The key aspect I have found though with this is that they only work as well as you do.

Every legitimate opportunity has the potential to make you money. However it does and always will, come down to those good ole’ values of commitment, persistence, consistency and self-discipline to make it work.

Too many businesses fail because they get treated like a hobby instead of a real business.

Reality check, hobbies usually cost you money, whereas businesses MAKE you money. That also means if you put hobby time and effort into your business, you will generally reap hobby rewards.

At no matter what stage you are at with your business, ALWAYS treat it like a multi-million dollar business, because if you treat it like that, than you are giving it the effort and potential to become a multi-million dollar business.

Second on the list is that all important yet deterring word Scam.

Nobody wants to get scammed, so do your due diligence!

And no that doesn’t mean typing in the name of that particular business into Google, adding the word Scam on the end of it, and seeing if anything comes up.

You can type in Mother Teresa Scam these days and something will come up.

Typically the big things to look for are ‘Get rich quick’ schemes. These do not work. Yes making money can be easy, but they still come down to those values described above.

The best thing to do is to keep an open mind. If you go looking for home business scams, I guarantee you will find them. However if you actively look for legitimate opportunities out there, yes you may have to sift through some dirt to find the gems, but they are out there!

There is just as much proof out there that home businesses work than there that say they are all scams.

Lastly, the question on everyone’s lips once they find something that resonates with them is ‘How long until I can make real money?’

Apart from the values we touched on earlier, there is a big factor that determines the results that one can achieve in their business.

It stems from the concept of ‘The Law of Attraction’. People opt into a business opportunity and then just think that they can sit back, think big about their business and the money will come.

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